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Our mission is to understand the needs of our Freeway International Logistics team, communicate clearly, provide service and support to each other, in a work environment that provides personal and professional challenges, opportunities for decision-making and empowerment, while providing monetary rewards and career growth!

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I founded Freeway Int Logistics with an idea that a place to work should be good for employees as well as employers. I believe that a company could be better run with everyone managing their business, for the benefit of everyone. This in turn creates an environment that enable us to handle customers personally, and ultimately better than our competition. People that care about their work also care about their customers.
I believe the company should pay a 100% of employee medical and dental insurance. The company provides a matching 401k program so employees futures are secure. I believe agreements are important, so when give a salary and bonus structure, it stays that way. Changing pay terms is not something I allow at Freeway. We believe in training and support for our employees so they can find a career for a lifetime, not just the summer!

In a young, vibrant company like this one, we spend a lot of time together and it is important that not all that time be spent working. We have teams for softball, indoor soccer, golf and take office trips as well. I believe I have created a place to work that is interesting, open for personal and professional growth and meet the criteria I feel are important.

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Account Manager

Atlanta, Orlando & Charleston

We are looking for Transportation Brokers to join our team! Transportation Brokers assist in managing incoming and outgoing shipping logistics for cargo transportation carriers and shipping companies. The ideal candidate would be responsible for performing daily “check calls” on loads in transit, handling customer-related issues and inquiries, originating the necessary documentation for freight bills.


  • Be responsible for customer acquisitions.
  • Use strong relationships to understand customer’s business, and help
  • Solve the customer’s problems.
  • Contact and build relationships with carriers.
  • Increase capacity for specific projects and lanes.
  • Gain up-to-date personal knowledge of market freight rates in order to determine a “fair” price to pay trucks and charge shippers.
  • Negotiate as market demands.
  • Increase the overall capacity for the office and company.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service.

Skills and Experience:

  • College degree highly desired or equivalent experience
  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic team player
  • Excellent and effective communication skills
  • Ability to quickly process information and make decisions.
  • Effective negotiation and problem-solving skills, and ability to handle conflict.
  • Excellent time-management skills with the ability to multi-task

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Our Environment

Working With Us

Working in the logistics business can be everything from exhilarating to stressful. You’ll feel a rush when you get those first loads from your customer. Then that grows over time to numerous loads with expanding lanes and additional customers! But then rates constantly change, and you have to move with the market. Checking up on your carriers, being responsive and available to drivers and customers when products are in transit, and expecting the unexpected can be difficult. The ability to stay cool and level headed when things are going smoothly or challenges present themselves will be a key component to your success and happiness in logistics.

In logistics, it us ultimately up to you to deliver on something you have no control over! Your ability to communicate what you need, what you understand, and what you know is critical. You also have the potential for greater financial rewards by making those initial contacts, sending those follow up emails, and picking up that phone to get the business then being the go-to person to provide the updates, load numbers, and that transparency that builds trust. Most customers in logistics and transportation understand the potential challenges, so just want to be kept in the loop, so they can keep their customers informed as well.

Working at Freeway Intl Logistics offers a laid back atmosphere offering the freedom to build and cultivate customer relationships. You’ll manage your book of business to truly meet the needs of your customers to create solutions to their logistics problems and proactively provide service solutions to mutually grow business. Your own efforts directly lead to your success at Freeway, both professionally and financially. After putting in all that hard work, who doesn’t like a nice paycheck?

Of course there are challenges in logistics, like in any business. With moving shipments, you have to stay on top of carriers, track transit and delivery times, manage a volatile market, and manage your customers expectations – in a way they understand. You’ll have a great team of colleagues at Freeway with years of experience for support and even to bounce ideas off of as you navigate these challenges. Weather issues? Trucks broken down? Border closed? Holidays? Changing delivery appointments? Worldwide pandemic? We’ve experienced it all. As an essential business, it’s literally our job to keep things moving!
Our Pride

Our Plans For Work

At Freeway, we pride ourselves on the freedom to do your job. You know your clients the best, so with the collective knowledge of the industry and our team’s history of success, you make business happen!If an unfamiliar situation arises, you will have someone to turn to for help to surpass that obstacle. Self motivation goes a long way, but we also have some fun. It’s nice to be busy and hustle, but it’s also nice to come to work with friends. Various activities and social events over the years have included sports leagues, annual and holiday gatherings, movie nights, participating in local charity events, donation drives, and more. What our team members are passionate about, we also